Neck Deep premiere video for “Kali Ma”

Neck Deep has been all over the headlines since the release of second studio album Life’s Not Out To Get You earlier this year by Hopeless Records.

Now, they have returned with a brand new video for the song “Kali Ma” off of the breakout record.

WATCH “Kali Ma” Below – 

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Neck Deep release “Life’s Not Out To Get You” ~ MiniReview and Top Picks

Neck Deep surprised the internet and the fanbase as the band released the new full length album “Life’s Not Out To Get You” and allowed it to stream in full on various media (Youtube, Spotify, Rdio) on August 14, 2015.
True to Neck Deep’s previous albums, “Life’s Not Out To Get You” brings the sound we’ve grown to love and the lyrics to back it up that one will be singing for years to come. Bringing back an older sound of pop-punk, Neck Deep brought their ‘A-game’ so to say with the progress on this album…As every song has this non-stop energy to it. Every track has a sense of fast paced sound paired with catchy, loud choruses that hook the listener… and make you come back for more and more until you are singing along yourself at the top of your lungs.
 With the first single release of “Can’t Kick Up The Roots”, Neck Deep showed a very promising premise for the album to come, as the high energy song was a great lead in to Neck Deep’s summer spent on Warped Tour and to get everyone excited for the release of the new album.
Now that I’ve listened to this album in full a few times, time to hammer out the details and list what tracks you all should check out ASAP! 

#1 – Gold Steps
“You might be down and out but you’re still breathing.

If you write the story, then you’ll find out we’re all stuck on the same page.
Sometimes things will bend you,
But trust me you’ll be fine,
I’ve been moving mountains that I once had to climb.
And life’s not out to get you,
Despite the things you’ve been through…”

~ The music video for the song “Gold Steps” was released earlier as a single off of the record, but this track is a huge standout. Not only does the video allow you to watch all these crazy shenanigans (A moving skate ramp how crazy is that?!)  and an awesome performance, it makes you think of summer or all the fun times one had with friends.
Lyric wise, this track probably has some of my favorites that I will be singing along to for a long time.
Inspring, fun and catchy. Neck Deep you’ve done it again.
#2 – I Hope This Comes Back To Haunt You
“Told myself that this would be the last time you kept me awake,

Some day you’ll see, then it’s too little too late…”

Heartbreaking emo ballads are some of my favorites, and this track is just that. “I Hope This Comes Back To Haunt You” has the spunk, the angst and the emotion… what more could one ask for?
Definitely worth the listen.
#3 – December
“I miss your face,

You’re in my head,
There’s so many things that I should’ve said…”

~ Acoustic and amazing…tugs at your heartstrings if you’ve ever been the one longing for a lost love. Worth the tears and the feels.
#4 ~ Kali Ma
“I see right through you, but what do I do?
Of course I fall for it, just like I did when I was 16.
Such a fool for you, did you ever even miss me? “
~ Another song about a lost love, but the guitar riffs in this song are pretty amazing…ending it out on a good note with a pretty sick breakdown. One to jam to for sure.
Also, I should probably mention it was co-produced/has a guest feature by Jeremy Mckinnon of ADTR…if that alone doesn’t make you want to listen to the track I don’t know what will.  😉
#5 ~ Can’t Kick Up The Roots
“I’ve been wasting away,

But in a town with no way out, there’s not much else to do anyway,
If you’re looking for a place to decay,
Then there will always be a place in my town called revelry…”

~ The first single released from the album still has a heavy spot in my heart as it is very fast paced and just plain FUN to listen to. The pop punk song of the summer anyone?? 🙂

Anyways, my top picks off the album that is definitely one to be worked into my favorites very soon.
It’s fresh, energetic and has the urge to make one get up and jump along to the breakdowns or sing your lungs out in teenage angst.
 Neck Deep, you’ve done it again…Bringing back this sense of old school pop-punk with a modern vibe, it’s very refreshing and brings out this sense of sentimentalism when listening to the album.
Take a listen below, you won’t regret it!