Acoustic Corner: State Champs Cover Paramore’s “Playing God”

The newcomers and now favorites to the pop punk scene, State Champs covered one of our all time  favorite bands…Paramore. The iconic song “Playing God” originally belted out by fiery red-head frontwoman, Hayley Williams, is now altered to the vocal range of Derek Discanio, and the acoustic rendition is something of all pop punk dreams.

Make sure to watch the video below of State Champ’s cover of “Playing God” :

Acoustic Corner : Mariana’s Trench perform “One Love”

With Astoria being released back in October, Mariana’s Trench performed various acoustic sets of songs for the album release party. “One Love”, being a single and one of the more emotional songs from the album is one of the many redone acoustically.

Mariana’s Trench performed the song for Alternative Press with the video below being uploaded exclusively :


“I think most people like to think that there’s one person out there for everyone,” says Ramsay. “No one ever talks about what you do if you’re lucky enough to find that person, and you screw it up. What do you do after that? I certainly don’t know, but I’m trying to figure it out.”

Acoustic Corner: “When You Were Young” cover by Fearless Vampire Killer’s Kier Kemp

Kier Kemp, vocalist of Fearless Vampire Killers revealed a wonderful acoustic cover of “When You Were Young” originally by the band The Killers.

In this rendition, Kemp’s vocals bring a softness to the original song by Brandon Flowers, and brings this cover and song into a whole new light.

It’s definitely been added to my list of favorite covers, check out the performance below :

Acoustic Corner: Patrick Stump plays “Uma Thurman”

Fall Out Boy frontman and talented vocalist, Patrick Stump recently uploaded an acoustic performance of “Uma Thurman” to the band’s Youtube channel.  

Already a favorite of mine from the album “American Beauty American Psycho“, the stripped down version of the song and the matching perfection of Stump’s vocals makes this video a must see for any diehard FOB fan. 

Check out the performance below :