Girl Power: The best Halsey x Melanie Martinez Mashups on the internet right now

With powerhouse voices and unique looks the femme fatales of the indie scene Halsey and Melanie Martinez are taking over the internet.

Thanks to the internet, we can get an insight to both of these unique female artists at the same time via some very creative and mind-blowing mashups.

Take a look below:

1. Gasoline x Dollhouse


2.  Castle x Sippy Cup


3. Mad Hatter x New Americana


4. Hold Me Down x Mrs. PotatoHead


5. Haunted x Alphabet Boy


6. Soap x Ghost


Check out the Youtube channels featured here for more amazing mashups, and follow Halsey and Melanie on Twitter for more music updates!

Top 10: Remix Finds Of The Month ~ October

So, starting a new category of music fun on this blog – MORE TOP 10 POSTS!

I want to start doing a few a month, so leave me comments and enjoy!

Recently, I have gathered a list of my favorite remixes/cool covers I’ve found over the internet, so here are some of the best that you all should check out ASAP :

  1. “Favorite Record” by Fall Out Boy (remixed by James De Barrado)
  2. “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” by Panic! At The Disco (remixed by Kasum)
  3. “Alone Together” by Fall Out Boy (Krewella remix) 
  4. “Sugar We’re Goin Down/ This Is Gospel”(FOB & PATD Mashup) 
  5. “Black Widow” by Iggy Azalea (cover by The Animal In Me)
  6. All Time Low Medley (Dave Days)
  7. “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony (Levianth Remix)
  8. “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus (Caked remix/Trap)
  9. “23” by Miley Cyrus,Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J (CAKED remix/Trap)

  10. “Ain’t it Fun” by Paramore (Kasum remix)