Fearless Vampire Killers Release “Like Bruises” To Promote Upcoming EP

Fearless Vampire Killers are back in action again along this blog!

This time, with a new video for a song entitled “Like Bruises” for an upcoming EP, “Bruises”, being released later this fall on October 23.

This EP is currently available for pre-order on various media/music sites now including iTunes, Amazon Music and through the band’s website.

Check out the video and new song ” Like Bruises” below :

Acoustic Corner: “When You Were Young” cover by Fearless Vampire Killer’s Kier Kemp

Kier Kemp, vocalist of Fearless Vampire Killers revealed a wonderful acoustic cover of “When You Were Young” originally by the band The Killers.

In this rendition, Kemp’s vocals bring a softness to the original song by Brandon Flowers, and brings this cover and song into a whole new light.

It’s definitely been added to my list of favorite covers, check out the performance below :