Changes : An open letter to my friends

“Like David Bowie said, You pretty young things you go through ch-ch-changes.”

– Third Eye Blind, ‘Rights of Passage’

So hey guys.

I feel like I finally have to say this… and I feel confident in saying it.

A lot of people have questioned, “So what are your plans for after graduation?” and I’ve kinda found ways to brush off that answer because I’m not sure myself. But the main thing that I haven’t told anyone is the fact that I’ve been an English major for a year.


 Yes, it’s true. I quit the Biology train a year ago(midway of my junior year), and delved into the world of books and writing.  Don’t worry, as not all of it is lost, I will still be graduating with a double minor in Biology and Psychology… just next fall so I can finish the English major requirements.

So why did I switch you ask?

Well, if anyone saw me that year, it was hell. I felt so stressed out that I had been re-prescribed my anxiety pills, going through a bit of therapy again. All due to the fear that kinda accumulated with my major, figuring out a capstone project, doing well in classes etc.  The stress wasn’t good for my health or mental stability, and honestly, my grades suffered majorly that year. I’ll be honest, I really wanted to transfer the end of fall semester my junior year I was that beat down. I wanted to run away, quit school and never come back. 2.5 years of knowing what I wanted to do… and one day I didn’t know and felt defeated.

(If anyone knows me personally, my mom also quit school her junior year. She called me this day and said, “Don’t do what I did. I regretted it everyday since.”) So it kinda left me facing my advisor and myself to see what I wanted to do.

But that’s when I talked to Dr. C-B in the Biology department, crying as I didn’t know what to do anymore. And he simply told me, “Find something that’s going to make you want to stay here. You’re a good student, but maybe you’ll find something you’ll have just as much of a passion for than science.” (Still love C-B forever, he was basically my Bio Dept. Dad.)

So I thought about it, looked at what courses I could take in the Spring that year… and chose a simple English course. Turns out to be English 250 with Dr. Vaccaro, and that semester I learned a lot… and kinda nerdily fell in love in analysis of literature. And I was sold.

So I called my mom shortly after the end of the spring semester, simply telling her, “You were right. I should have become an English major in the first place.”

Over the summer, I did travel to Kansas to complete a Biology internship working in a wildlife park, but I also got involved in press/merch to help promote my friend’s local band. This simple gesture changed my career path forever…as I got to work with his band via Warped Tour and when he came and played/worked at the date in Kansas. And I knew, that inner pop punk kid in me wanted this life forever… and I could do it if I got involved in journalism.

In June of 2015, I got contacted by a man named Adam, who ran a website that promoted his Dj events and local music scene in Pittsburgh, and was also good friends with my friends in the local bands. Adam told me he was looking for writers who followed the scene and could write up show reviews, news articles and whatnot. As a new English major, I didn’t know what all was involved, but it seemed like fun and I accepted the position. I spent 4 months working on his site, going to shows and Dj events (Pop Punk Night at the Smiling Moose is the bomb, everyone should go ) and ended up having a lot of fun with it, and kind of finding a passion for music journalism.

Now, that leads me to the present day. I have a few 300 level English courses under my belt, I finished out the upper-level requirements of the Biology minor, did some independent research with Dr. Robertson and created my own blog for collaboration with one of my best friends, Payton.

It was all finally coming together…. I just had to tell my friends. I don’t know why telling you guys was so much harder for me than my family, but finally doing it and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂 I wanted to finally tell you all whats been going on with me, and not feel as ashamed for not telling you the truth ages ago.

Hope you guys understand and don’t judge me too much. You know I love you nerds and wouldn’t change it for the world. ❤  Yeah, bummed out I won’t be graduating on time with my fellow seniors, but this extra semester won’t be too horrible, especially with you all around who have my back and I get to annoy every once in a while during classes. 🙂

P.S – Fellow English nerds, I’ll see you all in Capstone.  😉 

xoxo – Kerry




Payton is a very good friend of mine and I am so happy to have her join me in this collaboration of the blog/site. Payton has experience photographing bands/tours/etc. and I am hoping to fill this site with some of her work!


Enjoy and keep in touch for future updates!

XX – Kerry ~ Punk In Wonderland ❤

#HappyBirthdayPayton ❤ 🙂