SPOTLIGHT – Epos Nemo Latrocinium

Music is one of the most universal experiences in the world, as it’s ability to connect people and cultures is uncanny to many other methods. Bringing together three unique musicians, Tatsuya Nakatani, Casey Chittenden Jones and Joy Van Spain, the collaboration effort of Epos Nemo Latrocinium is something altogether unique and exciting.

The group highlights each member’s unique style and talent in their particular niche of music.

Nakatani is known for his percussion performances and has released over eighty recordings and national tours. While touring various areas with his percussion group Nakatani Gong Orchestra, Nakatani has developed his own unique instrumentalization and extended his technique extensively.

Jones is an avid electronic artist, who often dabbles in creating synthesizers and modified instruments to bring the creative and unique sounds to life. While expanding his craft in the experimental genre, Jones has performed in various festivals such as NorCal Noise Fest and Olympia Experimental Music Festival.

Van Spain is a well-known Seattle based vocalist and instrumentalist, who brings her knowledge of composition and orchestration to the table and uses her experimental talent to fuel her musical ability. From learning early on, Van Spain now focuses her talents towards industrial composition and work with Butoh performers over the last decade aside from the collaboration work with Epos Nemo Lacrocinium.

By all three musicians together, the projects behind the group are always unique and entertaining.

Announcing their third collaboration entitled Iter Itineris III, the experimental ensemble hopes to bring another unique experience to their audiences. Due out on April 1,  2018, through Scry Recordings the album is currently available for pre-order online through the groups |webpage|.

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ALBUM REVIEW : Good Tiger – We Will All Be Gone

Since their debut record in 2015, Good Tiger has been working hard to produce the follow-up sophomore release. Officially released this past week from Metal Blade Records, We Will All Be Gone was recently highlighted by Alternative Press as one of the “Most Anticipated” releases of 2018.

With the stunning debut of A Head Full of Moonlight in 2015,  the guys of Good Tiger have grown to craft their unique and contemporary sound in everything they do. Comprised of guitarists Derya “Dez” Nagle and Joaquin Ardiles, bassist Morgan Sinclair, drummer Alex Rudinger, and vocalist Elliot Coleman, Good Tiger has raised the stakes across the board as every track on We Will All Be Gone has a definitive character of its own.

With ten unique tracks, We Will All Be Gone takes the listener through the growth of Good Tiger as musicians and as artists defining themselves in the metal genre. The first track “The Devil Thinks I’m Sinking” kicks off the album, but I have to list “Nineteen Grams” ,”Grip Shoes”, “Cherry Lemon” and single “Salt Of The Earth” as the major stand out tracks.  While fitting into the genre, Good Tiger have the ability to pander to major audiences… as any listener who is a fan of rock, metal and even electronic influences could enjoy this record.

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STREAM : Romance & Rebellion – “Boys Don’t Cry”

Finding a name for themselves in the social media digital age, Los Angeles musicians Romance and Rebellion (David LaViola (Guitar, Lead Vocals), Aaron Medina (Guitar, Harmony Vocals), Aleksander James (Guitar, Harmony Vocals), Brandon Davis (Bass, Vocals), Kyle Jordan Mueller (Drums) broke into the music scene in 2015. After the release of their debut EP in June 2016, they had to opportunity to take the stage at influential festivals such as Warped Tour and SXSW, and even headlined Emo Nite LA.  With a few years now under their belt, Romance and Rebellion are currently promoting their sophomore EP release, Amps & Anthems.

The lead single from the record is titled “Boys Don’t Cry” and is dedicated to breaking down the traditional gender stereotypes associated with daily interactions between men and women. Highlighting this factor, LaViola shares the deeper message behind the track stating, Boys don’t have to be ‘boys’…girls don’t have to be ‘girls’…and everyone should be able to rock a little pink.  ‘BOYS DON’T CRY’ is an anthem for anyone who is anything but normal.”

Amps & Anthems is detailed as having the right mixture of ” emo-studded angst, dripping with candy-coated heartache, wrapped in youthfully rebellious pop rock” says LaViola, as the album signifies a huge stepping stone in the band’s overall career and the path to success.

Amps & Anthems is available for purchase through the bands |Webpage|.

Stream the single “Boys Don’t Cry” online through |Youtube| or below the jump.

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Stories For Monday Is Here!

The highly anticipated album, Stories For Monday, from The Summer Set is finally here!

The album plays out as a comeback album for The Summer Set, although never officially broken up, the band did almost give up on music a year ago before coming back together to write Stories For Monday, making it unique with it’s themes and lyrics.Along with the soft vocals of front man Brian Logan Dales, this album is definitely something special to the band, and something new and unique to share with their audience.

The track “All In” definitely fits the vibe for a comeback record, as it highlights all the current band members and the moment they came back together as a band to continue making music and continue on as friends.

Make sure to purchase Stories For Monday and catch The Summer Set on tour in May, as well as dates on the Vans Warped Tour this summer!

Andy Black releases video for new song “We Don’t Have To Dance”

Black Veil Brides frontman, Andy Biersack, has been working on forming his solo project Andy Black for over a year now. Starting off with an audience begging for more when first song, “They Don’t Need To Understand” debuted, the musician has been fairly quiet about the project until now.

With teasers released over the last few months, we finally get another video from the upcoming debut album from the musician, a song titled “We Don’t Have To Dance”.

The song is taken from Andy’s debut album ‘The Shadow Side’, which is set to release on May 6th via Island Records.

Melanie Martinez premieres video for ‘Crybaby’

Out of many indie artists, Melanie Martinez has come out on top as one of the biggest of 2016.

After the release of her debut album Cry Baby, the unique female artist has gained a huge following, and fans that are inspired by her unique artistry, creative vision and way of storytelling.  Throughout the album Cry Baby, the audience is pulled into this world of oddities and troubles, and highly relatable family dynamics that are so moving to many in today’s society.

Melanie has released various videos to accompany many tracks on the album, but today was the title track ‘Cry Baby’ and the video can’t be more perfect.


Concept albums always are beautifully done and share a uniqueness to anything else when it comes to videos.

With the story of Martinez’s Cry Baby character… you can’t help but want to know more about her. Throughout other videos such as “Soap”, “Carousel”, “Pity Party” and “DollHouse” you become invested, and with the video for the track “Cry Baby” brings us to the very beginning of the storyline (or so it seems).

Melanie Martinez is currently finishing up her nationwide Cry Baby Tour. Check out the remaining dates here : TOUR DATES 

Or listen to more Melanie Martinez and the Cry Baby album below :

Aliens Alike: How Gerard Way’s “Hesitant Alien” artistically reinvents David Bowie and Brit pop influence

Ex – My Chemical Romance vocalist, Gerard Way has had his solo project “Hesitant Alien” out for over a year now, but with recent events I thought I would bring it up again.

As with iconic Brit-pop rock singer David Bowie passing away on Jan. 10, 2016 at the age of 69, I wanted to highlight one of my personal favorites of his works, “Space Oddity” (and many mentions of “Heroes” and “Ziggy Stardust” and other works).

So how are these two iconic albums mimicked?

Not only with the out of this world personas, flashy suits and red hair…“Hesitant Alien” provides the iconic brit pop influence to a whole new generation

Heavily influenced by Bowie in many of his works, Way himself states in various occasions as being a “HUGE fan” of the iconic Starman. In a Periscope live stream, Way speaks highly of his vinyl collection, pointing out that David Bowie’s “Low” as one of his personal favorites.


Compare :

Track 1 – “No Shows” to “Life On Mars”

Not only is the space theme hella prevelent here, the outfits and costuming is eerily similar along with the white backgrounds.

Track 2 – “Millions” to “Heroes”

The backing tune of these two songs are definitely similar sounds and very interesting.

Track 3 – “Space Oddity” to “How’s It Going To Be”

The most ‘ballad-esque’ track on Hesitant Alien… and narrative wise, can be a good comparison to the iconic “Space Oddity”.

Track 4 – “Maya The Psychic” to “Ziggy Stardust”

A bit of a stretch… but I do like putting these two together energy wise.

For Fun – “Under Pressure” cover by My Chemical Romance & The Used


Although decades (and maybe galaxies) apart, the influence is there as Bowie and his music touched many across various generations and genres.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on Bowie, Way, more comparaisons or if you like any of these albums!

Rest in Peace David Bowie ❤

Simple Plan preview new album with ‘Nostalgic’

We are getting more and more excited for the release of Take One For The Team this Friday…and Simple Plan are not backing down with new songs and previews.

The Canadian quartet just released audio for a pop-punk banger entitled ‘Nostalgic’ and with it just being the first listen, we can expect many more hits on this album that definitely swing back to Simple Plan’s pop punk roots.

From tracks like ‘Boom’, ‘Farewell’, ‘I Refuse’ and now ‘Nostalgic’ this album is gearing up to be a fun and exciting one. Take a listen to ‘Nostalgic’ below:


Take One For The Team will be released Friday, February 19th via Atlantic Records.

Preorder here – ITunes

Listen to more Simple Plan here –

22 Years of Green Day’s Dookie

Happy Birthday Dookie!



The iconic 1994 album from Green Day turns 22 today and punk fans alike are rejoicing.

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong says of the disc, “Back then, I just wanted to write songs I could be proud of and be able to play in five years.”

By the time of release, Dookie peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and went on to reach Diamond certification for shipping over 10 million copies and received the Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album in 1995.

Today, the album has sold over 20 million copies and is still accredited to be the album that skyrocketed the band to mainstream fame.

From legendary tracks like “Longview” or “Welcome to Paradise”, there is a little piece of Dookie era Green Day that every fan loves and carries with them.

A few Dookie and Green Day tributes were uploaded in the album’s honor for the anniversary on social media.

Take a look at some tributes below :


Also, a trip back to the 1994 days of early Green Day :


Thank you Green Day for making such a legendary album that continues to live on in punk music history.


Sum 41 Finishing New Album?

By funding the project via PledgeMusic, Sum 41 vocalist, Deryck Whibley released news about the band’s upcoming fourth album via an interview with Fuse.  By being the first album in 5 years to be released and with Whibley’s battles with overcoming alcoholism, this release is a big one for Sum 41.

Within the interview, Whibley mentioned that the album was coming together which is great news to all the loyal fans who have pledged and donated money to help fund the project, and how the band feels free to work without a record label.

Whibley stated, “We’re on the last home-stretch of the record. It’s getting there. It’s been about a year – since we started working on it. There have been some months off because we had to do shows, some things here and there. If I had to add it all up, it’s been eight months over the course of the last year.”

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