Sum 41 Introduce New Drummer Frank Zummo

The guys from Sum 41 have posted an official video introducing new drummer, Frank Zummo. Zummo has been a part of the band for over a year, working on the new album and touring.

Zummo recalls his feelings on playing with a band like Sum 41 and the energy of the fanbase surround them from working on the album to playing shows.

“I wanna thank the fans for being amazingly welcoming to me.” Zummo states, “To seeing how passionate these fans are…it’s a pleasure.I love this band, I love the guys, love you guys and I’m excited to get out and play and get this new record out.”

Welcome Frank Zummo!!

Sum 41’s new album is coming along and will be available in 2016.

Sum 41 Finishing New Album?

By funding the project via PledgeMusic, Sum 41 vocalist, Deryck Whibley released news about the band’s upcoming fourth album via an interview with Fuse.  By being the first album in 5 years to be released and with Whibley’s battles with overcoming alcoholism, this release is a big one for Sum 41.

Within the interview, Whibley mentioned that the album was coming together which is great news to all the loyal fans who have pledged and donated money to help fund the project, and how the band feels free to work without a record label.

Whibley stated, “We’re on the last home-stretch of the record. It’s getting there. It’s been about a year – since we started working on it. There have been some months off because we had to do shows, some things here and there. If I had to add it all up, it’s been eight months over the course of the last year.”

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