Pete Wentz to revive Decay Dance Records with PATD! Spencer Smith

If any of us grew up listening to the bands that defined the 2000-2010 decade, no one can forget the “Kings” of the era… Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco.  While the bands are still booming and as popular as ever today, there is always a little nostalgia to go back to the early days… when Pete Wentz signed a young Panic! At The Disco to his small indie label, Decay Dance.

Now, it seems a little bittersweet that this is coming full circle. Pete Wentz revived his label officially back in 2014, but not much work was done in signing new artists or bands. Wentz tweeted to his followers today the news and expanded on the growth and future of the label stating, “Decay Dance was always about finding like-minded creative people and magnifying their vision.”

Adding ex-PATD! member Spencer Smith was icing on the cake for many longtime fans of the label and the two musicians.

By relaunching the record label, both Wentz and Smith hope to give fellow artists the hope that they received. Smith responded to the partnership announcement with the nice sentiment stating via Twitter, “I am so excited to be back with the label that took a chance on me and my band years ago.”

Acoustic Corner: Patrick Stump plays “Uma Thurman”

Fall Out Boy frontman and talented vocalist, Patrick Stump recently uploaded an acoustic performance of “Uma Thurman” to the band’s Youtube channel.  

Already a favorite of mine from the album “American Beauty American Psycho“, the stripped down version of the song and the matching perfection of Stump’s vocals makes this video a must see for any diehard FOB fan. 

Check out the performance below :

10 GIFS That Show the “Feels” behind Pete Wentz’s Father’s Day Letter

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Pop Punk Papa:

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz has so much more talent than just catchy lyrics and being able to make a beat with a guitar… he can also make us and all the fangirls of the world cry.

Wentz recently penned a heartfelt Father’s Day letter for Time Magazine addressed to his two sons, Bronx and Saint, and it is all forms of adorable. He comments on the trials of fatherhood, how parenting changed his life and the ups and down of it all that made it all worth it.