10 GIFS That Show the “Feels” behind Pete Wentz’s Father’s Day Letter

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Pop Punk Papa:

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz has so much more talent than just catchy lyrics and being able to make a beat with a guitar… he can also make us and all the fangirls of the world cry.

Wentz recently penned a heartfelt Father’s Day letter for Time Magazine addressed to his two sons, Bronx and Saint, and it is all forms of adorable. He comments on the trials of fatherhood, how parenting changed his life and the ups and down of it all that made it all worth it.


Bring Me The Horizon release video for new single “Throne”.

Say what you’d like, but Bring Me The Horizon are back and in a BIG way; as the new single for “Throne” hits hard in a new direction for the band.

“Throw me to the wolves, Tomorrow I’ll come back leader of the whole pack…Beat me black and blue, every word will shape me, every scar will build my throne!”

BMTH Vocalist,Oliver Sykes, sings as the chorus blends into a electronic breakdown in the new song for the band entitled “Throne”. Proper title for such a powerful song matched with imagery that looks like it was lifted from the popular Game Of Thrones itself.

“Throne” is the third single that Bring Me The Horizon has released over the past few months in previewing what the new album will sound like (Such as “Drown” and “Happy Song”). Sound wise, the band has been taking a new turn after the release of highly popular “Sempiternal” in 2013, as this new album.”That’s The Spirit”, will be quite the followup. BMTH showed their softer sides in “Drown”, but brought back the action one knows and loves about BMTH in both “Happy Song” and “Throne.”

“Throne” being more electronic is definitely a new feel for many hardcore BMTH fans, but the band has been evolving and changing over the past few years with releases, and the fanbase has been changing alongside them. With the previous album “Sempiternal” using many synth elements as well, the metal core vibe was gone and had very little of Sykes screaming that he had become known for in the bands early works, such as “Suicide Season” or “Count Your Blessings”.

Sykes described the new album as being about where society stands as a generation and that message can be noticed if you listen to the lyrics. Our generation uses music as so much more than just entertainment, as some depend on it as a sort of lifeline which can be heard from the chorus of “Happy Song”, where Sykes belts out ,“if I sing along a little fucking louder to a happy song I’ll be alright” which follows the scarily short verse about suffering from depression.

“Throne” is the opposite, as it is highly empowering and just listening to it makes one feel like they can do practically anything and stand their ground against something so much bigger… whether the problem or fear be physical or not.

With more synth sounds, new relatable lyrics and changes comes a new side of Bring Me The Horizon, that I am personally really excited for, and hope that others are just as excited as well.

Bring Me The Horizon
Bring Me The Horizon

Watch the new video for “Throne” below: