Acoustic Corner: State Champs Cover Paramore’s “Playing God”

The newcomers and now favorites to the pop punk scene, State Champs covered one of our all time  favorite bands…Paramore. The iconic song “Playing God” originally belted out by fiery red-head frontwoman, Hayley Williams, is now altered to the vocal range of Derek Discanio, and the acoustic rendition is something of all pop punk dreams.

Make sure to watch the video below of State Champ’s cover of “Playing God” :

Music and Media: Blink 182 “Bored To Death” Covers Sweep The Internet

blink-182-all-american-low-2016-tour-dates-poster-600x454.jpgSomething has to be said about the massive wave of 2000’s pop-punk nostalgia we are getting from the music scene this year…And with this comes new music from some of our all time favorites, Blink 182. From last year’s breakup and lineup changes removing Tom Delonge for Alkaline Trio‘s Matt Skiba… the band has been working on new material and touring with the new lineup.

Now, Blink have announced a new album called California, which is set to be released on July 1st, 2016. California will be special as a comeback record, as it will be the first album in 5 years from Blink 182, and the first including Skiba.

With the announcement of the album, also came tour news and the new song that has the internet and fans rejoicing, “Bored To Death”.  Bringing in an eerie “Adam’s Song” likeness and style of older Blink 182 with heavy basslines and Mark’s vocals, it’s no surprise it is a huge hit among fans as the band makes their comeback.

The song even sparked internet creators to do various covers, including one in particular from Youtuber Alex Melton. Although the original recording is the official lineup of Mark, Travis and Matt… this Youtube musician took it a step further with his cover to mimic the iconic vocals of old vocalist and guitarist, Tom Delonge.

Alex states, “I was curious to know what the new Blink-182 single would sound like if Tom was still in the band, so I recorded a version doing my best Mark and Tom impressions, and just trying to get a passable attempt at Travis’s ridiculous drum parts.”

We commend your talent Alex, to give such an interesting take on the new song (and giving all our hearts a bit of homage to the old Blink lineup and Delonge) as it gives a dynamic that is so unique in itself coming from another musician so inspired by the band.

Check out the cover below and make sure to preorder California here or purchase tickets to the tour here!

Lost Black Parade era Gerard Way Cover Surfaces

The day when ex-MCR frontman Gerard Way recorded ‘Cancer’ for the album Black Parade, a unique cover was also recorded. Gerard recorded a cover of ‘Superstar’ by The Carpenters, as the singer would often warm up to them while in the studio.

Now the cover has surfaced, and social media and MCR fans alike are rejoicing over this lost piece of Way’s vocal work. Way himself even commented on the cover via social media and Twitter :

Way further mentions on how they almost ended up putting the cover on the album, which would have been pretty interesting seeing how iconic Black Parade became for the band.

Either way, it’s a little piece of MCR history and Way’s vocal talents that are just stunning and definitely a unique and special throwback find.


Listen to the cover here:


Music and Media: Adele’s “Hello” Gets The Pop Punk Treatment

“Hello” has been topping charts and has been an all out media sensation with Adele’s new album “25”. Various covers have sprung up all over the internet, parodies, Tumblr posts you name it, it is out there.

Well prepare to give it one more try as YouTube cover genius Anthony Vincent has put a pop punk spin on things, giving his own Green Day circa “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” era inspired take on the track and it is amazingly well executed. From vocal mimicking of Green Day’s own Billie Joe Armstrong, to guitar riffs and the heartbreaking lyrics of Adele, this “Hello” cover is definitely one that will be remembered.

Check out Anthony Vincent’s Cover here : 


What other mainstream songs would you like to see in a pop punk/Green Day rendition?

Let us know in the comments! 😀

Acoustic Corner: “When You Were Young” cover by Fearless Vampire Killer’s Kier Kemp

Kier Kemp, vocalist of Fearless Vampire Killers revealed a wonderful acoustic cover of “When You Were Young” originally by the band The Killers.

In this rendition, Kemp’s vocals bring a softness to the original song by Brandon Flowers, and brings this cover and song into a whole new light.

It’s definitely been added to my list of favorite covers, check out the performance below :