Music and Media : Green Day’s Billie Joe Has an Instagram Clone

Today in the era of social media, there can be an Instagram account for anything. For businesses, bands, fan pages or even the family pet. I was scrolling through my regular Instagram feed when one fan page I followed posted an interesting picture.

First thinking, ‘Oh it’s a Green Day fan page, it’s an old photo of Billie. That’s awesome.’

Then I looked at the caption, where it mentioned Instagram user Martin Polak.

Fellow punk rocker, Martin Polak (of The Desperate Mind) has a very interesting Instagram account… as he is the spitting image of Green Day frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong.

And the resemblance is uncanny.

(Left = Armstrong, Right = Polak)



He often even uploads Green Day covers to the Instagram page as well, even showing off his vocal chops to match the iconic singer.


Green Day fans, if Billie Joe Armstrong ever goes down we have found the perfect replacement thanks to Instagram and the powers of social media. Trust me, I started to get confused that I wasn’t looking at Billie Joe, it makes you take a double take… either way it is incredible.

Check out Martin’s Instagram Here :

Billie Joe Armstrong’s Instagram Here :

The Ghost Inside drummer gives update after devastating November crash

The Ghost Inside, a metal core band from Los Angeles, CA , were all involved in a devastating bus crash in November of 2015 earlier this year. The incident took place outside of El Paso, Texas on November 19. While all members and crew of the band were left in stable condition, two drivers lost their lives in the accident.

7058755_1447970371.1595The drummer of The Ghost Inside, Andrew Tkaczyk, revealed in an update that he had lost a leg from the incident via his Instagram.

Tkaczyk states in the message that he “WILL drum again” and that the road to recovery is still a long and tedious one and thanks all the fans for support.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched shortly after the crash to help The Ghost Inside and their families during this difficult time. There is also a separate GoFundMe to benefit the family of TGI’s deceased bus driver, Greg Hoke.

Many bands from all over rallied donations to help the band, as notable names such as Bring Me The Horizon, and various fans to help the members and crew heal.

Support the GoFundMe Campaign –

Watch The Ghost Inside –