Stories For Monday Is Here!

The highly anticipated album, Stories For Monday, from The Summer Set is finally here!

The album plays out as a comeback album for The Summer Set, although never officially broken up, the band did almost give up on music a year ago before coming back together to write Stories For Monday, making it unique with it’s themes and lyrics.Along with the soft vocals of front man Brian Logan Dales, this album is definitely something special to the band, and something new and unique to share with their audience.

The track “All In” definitely fits the vibe for a comeback record, as it highlights all the current band members and the moment they came back together as a band to continue making music and continue on as friends.

Make sure to purchase Stories For Monday and catch The Summer Set on tour in May, as well as dates on the Vans Warped Tour this summer!


3 years without My Chemical Romance

Earlier this week on March 22, 2016,  marked the 3 year anniversary of when emo band My Chemical Romance called it quits. While former members are still making music and successful solo careers, there is still a huge hole in many fans hearts that only MCR can fulfil.

Ex – Frontman Gerard Way, recently tweeted his acknowledgement of the anniversary. “The last three years definitely feel like ten,” Way said. “In a much better place- happy, productive. Of course I miss everyone. Thanks for the support.”


Although Way leaves the anniversary on a positive note, many fans would love a potential reunion and comeback of the band, even though many of the former members have moved on to bigger projects in the music scene.

Until then, one can always reminisce on the greatness that was mid-2000’s MCR in all their glory. And if Gerard feels better then we should be okay… (we’re not okay, we promise).

Revive those MCR feels with some throwback videos below of the iconic band :

Andy Black releases video for new song “We Don’t Have To Dance”

Black Veil Brides frontman, Andy Biersack, has been working on forming his solo project Andy Black for over a year now. Starting off with an audience begging for more when first song, “They Don’t Need To Understand” debuted, the musician has been fairly quiet about the project until now.

With teasers released over the last few months, we finally get another video from the upcoming debut album from the musician, a song titled “We Don’t Have To Dance”.

The song is taken from Andy’s debut album ‘The Shadow Side’, which is set to release on May 6th via Island Records.

Seattle Police station share photos of shotgun in Cobain case

The fabled case of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain has been floating about the media for the past two decades. Cobain’s body was found in Seattle on April 8, 1994. An investigation determined that days earlier, Cobain had gone into the greenhouse of his large home and taken a massive dose of heroin. He then shot himself with a 20-gauge shotgun and Cobain’s death was ultimately ruled a suicide.

Recently, the 90’s grunge rocker’s name is back in the news yet again, as the Seattle Police Station revealed new photos of the shotgun found at the 1994 crime scene.

Seattle police cold case Detective Mike Ciesynski is shown holding Cobain’s gun at different angles in five photos posted to the police department’s website Wednesday.

This is the first time the Nirvana frontman’s gun, recently photographed and released by cold case homicide Det. Michael Ciesynski (pictured below), has been shown to the public.


Det. Micheal Ciesynski pictured with case shotgun.

Although the case was re-opened briefly in 2014 to develop extra film in the file, the Seattle Police Department still conclude the grunge star’s death a suicide.


Conspiracy or not, this allows us all to jump back to the 90’s and grunge rock high just for a little while… especially now that various documentaries on the Cobain case (Soaked in Bleach and Kurt and Courtney) are featured on Netflix streaming. 😉

Link to more photos and full case on file from Seattle Police Dept. :


Watch Josh Ramsay’s emotional performance of ‘Wildfire’

While Mariana’s Trench have been busy touring for months this spring in the U.S after the October release of Astoria, a new chapter is unfolding as the Canadian band head home to continue the tour in Canada.

One of these highlights is the first performance of ‘Wildfire’, a song that was specifically cut out of the tour lineup, at least until the March 9th show of the Never Say Die Tour in Kingston, ON.

Front-man Josh Ramsay previewed that something special was coming via Twitter for the Candian tour, that would take a lot of courage and be emotionally tolling.

And then March 9th rolled around and ‘Wildfire’ was performed live for the first time on the tour.

Ramsay quickly states to the crowd that he “Honestly wasn’t ready to perform it in front of anyone yet. Be gentle.” before slowly going into a powerful performance.

Throughout the performance, Ramsay struggles a bit, but ultimately gives the crowd an emotional and fantastic performance.  And it’s absolutely beautiful.

Watch the performance below courtesy of Canandian fan,  Grace Bongard :


Twitter overflowed with messages after the performance, and Ramsay wrote simply :

All the love to Josh Ramsay and to the guys of Mariana’s Trench for spreading beautiful music wherever they go! ❤


Catch Mariana’s Trench on Tour Now : CANADA DATES

Purchase Astoria : Itunes  Amazon


Music and Media : Green Day’s Billie Joe Has an Instagram Clone

Today in the era of social media, there can be an Instagram account for anything. For businesses, bands, fan pages or even the family pet. I was scrolling through my regular Instagram feed when one fan page I followed posted an interesting picture.

First thinking, ‘Oh it’s a Green Day fan page, it’s an old photo of Billie. That’s awesome.’

Then I looked at the caption, where it mentioned Instagram user Martin Polak.

Fellow punk rocker, Martin Polak (of The Desperate Mind) has a very interesting Instagram account… as he is the spitting image of Green Day frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong.

And the resemblance is uncanny.

(Left = Armstrong, Right = Polak)



He often even uploads Green Day covers to the Instagram page as well, even showing off his vocal chops to match the iconic singer.


Green Day fans, if Billie Joe Armstrong ever goes down we have found the perfect replacement thanks to Instagram and the powers of social media. Trust me, I started to get confused that I wasn’t looking at Billie Joe, it makes you take a double take… either way it is incredible.

Check out Martin’s Instagram Here :

Billie Joe Armstrong’s Instagram Here :

Foo Fighters troll the world after break up rumors

Many recent interviews with members of the Foo Fighters have all lead to rumors of a breakup, hiatus or even Dave Grohl going solo.

Amid the speculation that the band was breaking up, the Foos on Tuesday night teased on social media that a major announcement was forthcoming.

Well, the band have officially put those rumors to rest with a hilarious band announcement  released Wednesday. The seven-minute video spoof on the ‘what if’s’ if they changed their line up to even include Nick Lachey to replace Grohl and Grohl living it up as a new found keyboard artist. All in all, it is hilarious and definitely allows these rumors to die in a laugh.

Watch the official ‘Band announcement’ below :


Finishing out the announcement with a message to clear all those rumors away :

“For the millionth time, we’re not breaking up. And nobody’s going f***ing solo!”



More Tom Drama From Blink 182?

In recent interviews, Blink 182 members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker have spoken up more and more about their finicky ex-bandmate, Tom Delonge.

According to a new interview with Travis  Barker,  he mentions that Delonge wanted the entire sound of Blink 182 to change… and that didn’t settle well with the rest of his bandmates.

Watch the entire interview between Travis Barker and Mr. Waavy below :

Barker states, “For us, we were always like, ‘Blink is Blink, man. We want to sound like fucking Blink-182.’ That’s why we’re in this band… I never want any of my other side projects to influence Blink. I love Blink for what it is.”

One can only hope the three original members will see eye to eye again, but for now, we are just happy enough that Blink 182 are working in the studio at all.

After adding Matt Skiba as a new member, hopefully the band will go in a positive direction and be making music the way they planned without Delonge’s decisions.


Sum 41 Introduce New Drummer Frank Zummo

The guys from Sum 41 have posted an official video introducing new drummer, Frank Zummo. Zummo has been a part of the band for over a year, working on the new album and touring.

Zummo recalls his feelings on playing with a band like Sum 41 and the energy of the fanbase surround them from working on the album to playing shows.

“I wanna thank the fans for being amazingly welcoming to me.” Zummo states, “To seeing how passionate these fans are…it’s a pleasure.I love this band, I love the guys, love you guys and I’m excited to get out and play and get this new record out.”

Welcome Frank Zummo!!

Sum 41’s new album is coming along and will be available in 2016.

Paramore’s Hayley Williams marries New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert in amazing punk wedding

Congratulations to the happy couple!

 Paramore vocalist, Hayley Williams and New Found Glory guitarist, Chad Gilbert are now happily married. ❤ The ceremony took place in Nashville, Tennesse on Saturday, February 20th. From 2008, these two love birds have melted our hearts we are so happy to see them so in love.

And from the pictures released, this wedding was one in a million and the perfect punk rock wedding.  We can all be a little jealous inside, as it is punk wedding goals.

From adorable couple moments –


Photo credit – David Bean (



To Hayley rocking badass boots with her dress –


photo by – David Bean


And even the dog, Alf, being involved, it was an adorable wedding.12745451_1743929129155728_2391854455037628653_n.jpg


Hopeless Records even wished the couple Congratulations via Twitter –


Congratulations to Chad and Hayley!