Hope For The Day – Things We Don’t Say Concert Series

Hope For The Day is one of the leading organizations pushing to make a difference in breaking down the social stigma around the conversation of mental health. Through their various platforms, Hope For The Day spreads the message of “it’s okay to not be okay” and allows for those to be able to have a safe space to speak out and share their stories surrounding mental health and suicide prevention.

The organization create unique events that give back to the community, such as the “Things We Don’t Say” concert, a musical collaboration to bring together people and donate proceeds to suicide prevention and mental health awareness. This year, the lineup includes bands such as As We Once Were, Better Love, Howell, Bad Planning, and  Safe Bet… all offering up their music for the entertaining and special evening.

The Things We Don’t Say Concert series is made possible thanks to a grant from the Community Memorial Foundation. The largest obstacle to suicide prevention is silence; prevention starts with a conversation about the Things We Don’t Say. This concert series will focus on mental health education and proactive suicide prevention through community outreach.

Keep updated on the conversation surrounding mental health by following Hope For The Day on social media via |Twitter| |Facebook| and |Instagram|.

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