Aliens Alike: How Gerard Way’s “Hesitant Alien” artistically reinvents David Bowie and Brit pop influence

Ex – My Chemical Romance vocalist, Gerard Way has had his solo project “Hesitant Alien” out for over a year now, but with recent events I thought I would bring it up again.

As with iconic Brit-pop rock singer David Bowie passing away on Jan. 10, 2016 at the age of 69, I wanted to highlight one of my personal favorites of his works, “Space Oddity” (and many mentions of “Heroes” and “Ziggy Stardust” and other works).

So how are these two iconic albums mimicked?

Not only with the out of this world personas, flashy suits and red hair…“Hesitant Alien” provides the iconic brit pop influence to a whole new generation

Heavily influenced by Bowie in many of his works, Way himself states in various occasions as being a “HUGE fan” of the iconic Starman. In a Periscope live stream, Way speaks highly of his vinyl collection, pointing out that David Bowie’s “Low” as one of his personal favorites.


Compare :

Track 1 – “No Shows” to “Life On Mars”

Not only is the space theme hella prevelent here, the outfits and costuming is eerily similar along with the white backgrounds.

Track 2 – “Millions” to “Heroes”

The backing tune of these two songs are definitely similar sounds and very interesting.

Track 3 – “Space Oddity” to “How’s It Going To Be”

The most ‘ballad-esque’ track on Hesitant Alien… and narrative wise, can be a good comparison to the iconic “Space Oddity”.

Track 4 – “Maya The Psychic” to “Ziggy Stardust”

A bit of a stretch… but I do like putting these two together energy wise.

For Fun – “Under Pressure” cover by My Chemical Romance & The Used


Although decades (and maybe galaxies) apart, the influence is there as Bowie and his music touched many across various generations and genres.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on Bowie, Way, more comparaisons or if you like any of these albums!

Rest in Peace David Bowie ❤

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