Paramore’s Hayley Williams marries New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert in amazing punk wedding

Congratulations to the happy couple!

 Paramore vocalist, Hayley Williams and New Found Glory guitarist, Chad Gilbert are now happily married. ❤ The ceremony took place in Nashville, Tennesse on Saturday, February 20th. From 2008, these two love birds have melted our hearts we are so happy to see them so in love.

And from the pictures released, this wedding was one in a million and the perfect punk rock wedding.  We can all be a little jealous inside, as it is punk wedding goals.

From adorable couple moments –


Photo credit – David Bean (



To Hayley rocking badass boots with her dress –


photo by – David Bean


And even the dog, Alf, being involved, it was an adorable wedding.12745451_1743929129155728_2391854455037628653_n.jpg


Hopeless Records even wished the couple Congratulations via Twitter –


Congratulations to Chad and Hayley! 

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