We Are The In Crowd Announce Hiatus

Unique duel-vocalist pop punk band, We Are The In Crowd have officially announced that they will be going on a hiatus.

In a recent Kerrang! interview, preliminary details were mentioned behind Tay Jardine’s new project, which will reportedly feature every member of We Are The In Crowd other than guitarist and secondary vocalist, Jordan Eckes.

In the interview, Jardine mentions a ‘new pop sound’ that the project is going for but to still stay themselves and similar to the WATIC roots. Read an excerpt from Jardine here :

“We had written a new record, but it felt like it was a totally different sound for us – it didn’t feel like WATIC. So, why call it that? Because WATIC will always exist – nothing can stop that. Right now, what we’re looking forward to is starting this brand-new project…”

“The main difference is the sound in general – it’s mainly based around my vocals and my vision for music. It’s definitely more pop. It’s definitely not heavier! It’s very… I’m afraid to use the word ‘dancey’, because it’s not, like, techno or anything. But you can tell it’s come from WATIC.”

Additionally, the band summarized the info in an official statement:


What will become of this new project and will we ever see the WATIC third studio album?

One will never know, but at least the band  seems like they are happy and moving in a new and exciting direction. And with Tay Jardine (and her stunning vocals) on board and excited about a new project, this could be worth waiting for to find out more.


Watch more We Are The In Crowd :

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