French hard core act Shoot The Girl First sign to Redfield Records

Up and coming French metalcore band, Shoot The Girl First, have just been signed to Redfield Records. By signing, the band can produce their new album entitled ” I Confess” due to be released on April 1st of 2016.



Although the band has been touring and produced an album before, this will be the first album to be made with the addition of Shoot The Girl First’s new vocalist, Alex Sayti.

In a post on the band’s website, a quick statement was made about the signing news :

We are also proud to announce that STGF is now a part of Modern Empire (Chelsea Grin, Attila, Slaves…) for the American territory management.
After Mike Milford‘s departure from Artery Recordings and The Artery Foundation, we chose to follow him to Modern Empire.
Mike has been our manager since the beginning, and we feel that it is logical to keep working with him for our future endeavors. STGF has been in touch with Redfield Records since 2012 – before the signing with Artery.
After our departure from Artery, Redfield Records was our priority contact. Alexander and his team in Germany have done an awesome job to push this new record, and we’re very happy to work with them.


The future is definitely looking bright for Shoot The Girl First in anticipation for the upcoming album. Congratulations on the signing Shoot The Girl First!

In the meantime follow up with the band via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. and look out for future news/tour information!

Pre-order Album Here – iTunes

Watch More Shoot The Girl First :

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