That Canadian Band You Never Thought You Needed : 5 Reasons To Listen To Mariana’s Trench

Mariana’s Trench are a band who started out in Vancouver, BC in early 2001. Producing three albums and touring, they have gained a fanbase widely in Canada and various other countries, but seem somewhat unknown in the states and are highly underrated compared to other musicians topping the charts.

Here are a few reasons to give this band a listen:

1. Josh Ramsay

5 Reasons To Listen To Mariana's Trench

Most well-known for his ever changing hair color, tight pants, dancing and vocal range, the frontman and lead singer, Josh Ramsay, has a very inspiring story.

Josh Ramsay was born June 11, 1985, grew up in a very musical family, with his mother being a vocal coach and his father owning a recording studio. Ramsay also shared the love of music and started singing at the age of 13.

Throughout high school, Ramsay struggled with an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Many Mariana’s Trench songs are dedicated to the singer’s personal struggle through this such as those entitled, “Skin and Bones” and “Feeling Small”.
Later on toward the end of high school Ramsay developed an addiction to heroin,often causing him to be kicked out of school and be late for band practices and shows. He later went on to go to rehab where he wrote a letter about his drug addiction in which he later turned into a song called “Lover Dearest”.

Throughout his struggles with eating disorders and drug addiction, Ramsay kept music as his end goal and his determination to over come it all, which can be taken as a positive message to others with one’s own personal struggles in life.

2. Humor

5 Reasons To Listen To Mariana's Trench

Humor is a big part of Mariana’s Trench. With various videos displaying the band’s off stage antics, hilarious music videos or even behind the scenes with the comical “Matt Webb Hours”, this band will make you laugh somehow.

3. Vocal medley’s that will blow you away

5 Reasons To Listen To Mariana's Trench

All of the member’s of Mariana’s Trench do sing, and the medleys and harmonies between them all is amazing to hear within many of their songs. Sure, not all of the members grew up with vocal training like Ramsay… but it is very impressive when all their unique voices come together. Check out the Queen inspired intro for “Shake Tramp” and tell me that isn’t amazing… 😉

4. Celebrity Connections

5 Reasons To Listen To Mariana's Trench

Yupp… you heard it here, this little known Canadian band has many connections. From being found by Nickleback frontman, Chad Kroger to even Josh Ramsay himself finding Carly Rae Jepsen and helping her rise to fame, this band has a lot of pop culture covered.

Ramsay has appeared in a few guest vocal spots, once in Jepsen’s “Sour Candy” and in R&B artist Danny Fernandes “Hit Me Up”.

5. The Dancing

5 Reasons To Listen To Mariana's Trench

The dance moves are everything. Check out some of Josh Ramsay and the band’s finest moments, out of hilarity with puppets, dressed as pirates to even breaking it down in a middle of a 1920’s scene… Mariana’s Trench has it all and the moves to prove it.

Mariana’s Trench is releasing their fourth studio album entitled “Astoria” due in October, along with plans for a tour later in the year. Singles such as “Here’s to the Zeros”, “Pop 101” and “One Love” have been released, and get one even more excited to hear “Astoria” in the full.

Keep updated on the album and tour here :

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