Music and Media : Twitter Account Isolates the Vocals of Your Favorite Artists

Ever wanted to know how Billie Joe Armstrong sounds accapella, belting out the chorus to ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’? Well, now you can thanks to the Twitter account and music lover, @IsolatedVocals.

Recently covered in an article by Alternative Press, the admin of the account was overwhelmed with joy and thousands of new followers, all to hear the little 30sec creations of vocals of their favorite artists.

Now, the admin has posted requests due to the popularity of the account, with the statement, “Isolating vocals is a long process, and some songs I just cannot do,” they write. “What I mean by that, is the frequencies in some songs between the vocals and instruments re too close together. So if I cannot do your song, please don’t hate me for it, as some songs are just not possible.”

Whatever the reason, we can’t hate too much on this account, as the isolations already done blow me away.

Hear some of the examples of the work below :

Make sure to follow @IsolatedVocals for more of these incredible vocal isolations of your favorite songs!

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