Throwbacks: Top 5 My Chemical Romance Live Performances

We all have that overwhelmingly blissful feeling of being at a show watching our favorite bands and never wanting the night to end. Some performances are so memorable that one will watch them over and over again online or through a live DVD, just to relive some of those magical moments.

My Chemical Romance was a highly popular band of the 2000’s pop punk era (and one of my all time favorites 😉 ) who have many memorable performances throughout the span of their career until the break up of 2013.

From the dark days of Revenge or The Black Parade to the bright and fun Danger Days and the Killjoys…Each show MCR put on had a wildly theatrical energy that blew crowds and fans away for years throughout their career, and continue to do so as the legend of the band lives on through their music.

Without further hesitation, here are the Top 5 My Chemical Romance live performances:

5. “Welcome To The Black Parade” ~ Scream Awards (Scream Awards -2006)

It’s always a fond memory when one of your favorite bands perform on stage for an award show. Complete with a creepy intro, people in costume on stage and backdrops… The Black Parade truly comes to life here at the Scream Awards hosted in 2006, and it is one amazing performance.

4. “I’m Not Okay” ~ Live at Launch (Life on the Murder Scene DVD – 2006)

Throwing it all the way back to the days captured on the ‘Life on the Murder Scene’ DVD, MCR documented the band’s journey into becoming a band and the fame in the early 2000’s. The DVD shows many highs and lows of the band, from touring to the struggle of vocalist, Gerard Way and his battle with alcoholism in the early years of the band. This performance is a clip from the DVD of MCR performing “I’m Not Okay” at Launch.

3. “Helena” ~ Live from LA (Killjoys Make Some Noise -2010 )

From the tour after ‘Danger Days’ was released, the performance was filmed on the date in Los Angeles. Before beginning the throwback to the song ‘Helena’ from ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge‘, Way comes out to the stage to thank the fans for all the support for the project of ‘Danger Days’ and helping out in any way possible, which I find very sweet and something definitely memorable about MCR… they genuinely care about their fans.

2. “Destroya” ~ Live on Jimmy Fallon (Late Night – 2011)

Taken from when MCR performed on ‘The Late Show’ hosted by Jimmy Fallon when promoting the album ‘Danger Days‘, this energetic performance has become one of my favorites to watch over and over again. From Gerard’s over-the-top showman ship, running around the stage and interacting with band mates (And who can pass up that glorious poncho?! 😉 ) to Frank’s fangirl inducing back up vocals and the live crowd cheering the guys on from the start; it’s a wonderful performance that any MCR fan will want to check out.

  1. “Cancer” ~ Live In Mexico (The Black Parade is DEAD! DVD – 2008)

I’ll even admit it, I have a hard time not breaking out into tears when this song comes on, let alone have Gerard Way belt it out with his amazing vocals. In this live performance, Gerard serenades the crowd on stage alone as an artsy silhouette against the massive crowd in Mexico. In the clip, Gerard thanks the crowd as they cheer, the suspense builds as the crowd quiets down once again for the talented signer to close out the final note in the best way possible. Emotional and breath taking, this performance is part of the “Black Parade is Dead” tour from back in 2008, and it can’t be more beautiful or more memorable.

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